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Social Media Solutions - for every business

Lost in a maze of online social networking?

Mint – Social Media Solutions can help your business find its way!

What we do – Social Media Management

At Mint, we can manage your online presence and put your business where it needs to be – whether you are a new business just starting out and trying to build a social fan base, or an established brand requiring assistance with managing your social media

With a range of Social Media Management packages available, we can offer a solution that won’t blow the marketing budget

We can help with your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Newsletters, Blog Posts and more

Who I Am - Social Media Extraordinaire

Back in 2009, I launched my very first online business…rather naively now that I look back!

I had only ever surfed the internet when I googled for an answer to my questions or shopped on ebay looking for a bargain. This was a whole new ball game – I couldn’t believe how the online world worked and how much could be achieved right from my very own lounge room!

People were beginning to spend more time on the internet, and it made sense that I use social media platforms such as Facebook to get my brand in front of more people

In 2011 I started my 2nd business – an online baby boutique specialising in personalised gifts. Of course by now I knew how important social media was and my Facebook page launched before my website did!

By the time I sold my website in March 2014, my Facebook page had over 12,000 followers, all regularly tuning in to see what I would post next (I was rather well known for my ‘risky’ posts and funnies!) – I experienced high interaction on my accounts, viral posts, and of course – lots of new customers and happy existing customers

Now – its time for me to follow my passion – Social Media Managment – It’s what I do best and I want to show you what it can do for your business!

With the right management, your social media accounts can keep your brand in front of your customers at all times.

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